Musashi Kosugi tower condominium continues to be out of power.

At the tower condominium near Musashikosugi Station in Kawasaki City, where power failure continues due to the impact of Typhoon No. 19, the staff of the ward will go around each household from 16th and will begin to investigate whether the physical condition has deteriorated and necessary support etc. It was.

According to Kawasaki City, in the 47-story tower apartment near Musashikosugi Station in Nakahara Ward, the switchboard in the basement broke down due to flooding caused by Typhoon No. 19, and power outages and water outages continued in many rooms. On the 16th, recovery work was being carried out, and people seen as residents were seen taking out large packages.

The condominium has about 600 households and 1500 people, so the ward has started a survey on the 16th to see if there are any people who are getting sick and need help. It was.

In the city's civic center located in the apartment opposite, we rent out toilets and power sources in the facility for residents living in power outages.

About 20 people a day use it to charge their smartphones and bicycle batteries.

Mr. Yoshikoshi Kozen, director of Nakahara Civic Hall in Kawasaki City, said, “I think that there are a lot of inconveniences, so I would like to help as much as possible.

This means that the Civic Center can be used from 8.30am to 9pm this month, except on the 21st closed day.