Hokuriku Shinkansen flooded Nagano depot Base vehicle derailment also newly found October 16 18:50

The Hokuriku Shinkansen continues to be inoperable in sections including Nagano Prefecture where the Chikuma River was flooded.

At Nagano City's depot, it is now clear that two trains in water have been derailed, and the actual situation of serious damage has gradually been revealed.

The Hokuriku Shinkansen vehicle base near the site where the bank of the Chikuma River in Hoho, Nagano City broke down, was heavily damaged by inundation. It seems that.

According to JR East, it was newly found that two trains of 10 trains and 120 vehicles, one third of all vehicles on the Hokuriku Shinkansen, were damaged by water.

JR considers the number of derailed vehicles and the state of damage in detail, assuming that the vehicles have floated off the track due to flooding.

In addition, due to flooding, signal related facilities have been damaged, and JR East takes at least one to two weeks to resume operation on the entire line. It is expected that it will be around 50% to 60%.

On the other hand, in the hazard map of Nagano City, it is said that there is a risk of flooding over 10 meters in the vicinity of the depot when the Chikuma River and others are flooded due to the largest amount of heavy rain.

Regarding this, the railway and transportation organization that built the vehicle base said, “At the time of construction in 1997, it was built higher than the place that was supposed to be flooded in the past.”