Mr. Yoshino of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry Worked at a research facility in Osaka, acting as president

Akira Yoshino, who was selected for the Nobel Prize in Chemistry, for the first time after receiving the award, attended a research facility for lithium-ion batteries in Osaka Prefecture, where he was the president, and showed an unwavering desire for research.

Mr. Yoshino, an honorary fellow of Asahi Kasei, based in Tokyo, attended the Lithium Ion Battery Material Evaluation Research Center in Ikeda, Osaka, where he is the president of the company.

After attending the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for the first time, I attended a regular meeting after receiving a blessing and receiving a bunch of flowers.

This facility is a research facility aimed at developing next-generation lithium-ion batteries with the support of materials manufacturers and automobile manufacturers, and Mr. Yoshino visits every Wednesday to give advice on research.

Mr. Yoshino asked a young researcher about how to proceed with the development at the conference. Please answer ".

Yoshino is from Suita City, Osaka. “I feel like I came back to my hometown when I came to Osaka. I wanted to come to this research facility as soon as possible and report to you. I want to tell researchers that even industry researchers can win the Nobel Prize. "