Nobel Prize in Chemistry Akira Yoshino Lecture "World-changing technology from Japan" Oct. 15 14:29

Akira Yoshino, who has won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry, gave a lecture in Tokyo. And sent ale.

A commemorative lecture by Mr. Akira Yoshino, who won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry, was held on 15th in Edogawa-ku, Tokyo, and more than 700 high school students and university students gathered at the venue.

At the lecture, Mr. Yoshino cited the names of people involved in the development of lithium-ion batteries and explained that "the contributions of various people contributed to the current lithium-ion batteries."

In addition, Japanese researchers who have achieved results that lead to the development of batteries have been awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry every 19 years from 38 years ago. The technology that will be the trump card for the event will surely win the Nobel Prize.

Also, if you want to return to the student from the graduate students at the venue, what you want to do is asked, "Because the mid-30s is important for research that improves performance, think about how to reach the age of 35, and learn various things again I wanted to do it. "

The graduate student who heard the lecture said, "I received polite explanations and I wanted to receive guidance. I would like to work on research that can contribute to society like lithium-ion batteries."