We will see how far the sittings, walks and manifestations of the so-called democratic tsunami go after the trial in the Salesas. In the 500 folios of the summary the search of the unbearable and latosa utopia of the nationalists is written, and its failure, in this century and in others, with similar outcomes. There were many proclamations and many ridiculous. The poet Josep Carner , expatriate of all exiles - the one who said "The word is the homeland, and its dignity is that of the nation," - participated in the proclamation of the Catalan Republic in Olot (1926) with the escamotes, the Basque nationalists and anarchists. They invaded Catalonia in "a glorious adventure", according to Macià ; They actually made the lily. At the trial they said they wanted the independent republic "to free our homeland from Spanish domination that weighs on it since 1714." They were tried in Paris and sentenced to pay 100 or 50 francs, depending on graduation, and one month in prison. Josep Carner, according to Pla, the best poet, spoke: "Life is a tram full of people who move away to an admirable place and we have not been able to get on or hang up."

Now the sentence will not be as lenient as that of Paris or as rigorous as that of the coup of Companys in 1934. The Republic, declared the state of war, suspended the activity of the Parliament, the troops besieged the palace of the Generalitat, Companys and their Government were transferred to two ships as prisoners. This time the leak has gone far and has failed again . My sources in Catalonia report that the process has crashed and independentists know it, although they do not intend to recognize it. People feel hurt, sad, but they don't recognize failure either; She is disappointed in the behavior of her leaders and has begun to demobilize. "But no one expects to see them on their knees. The wounds will continue to bleed until they start sewing. The State is not weakened, but it cannot work well as long as there is half of Catalonia and half of Spain with reciprocal hatred. The trial has been constitutionally flawless." The ruling has a didactic message: the state does not play . The state can be shot down, but a lion with a bad stick is not killed. A lawyer explains to me the trial has been developed with all the guarantees: orality, publicity, immediacy, contradiction and concentration in the summary. He has been able to witness the entire world. They have applied the codes to which they were raised publicly and tumultuarially to forcefully impede the application of the laws . Now it is important that a constituted Government begins to think about how to overcome the disorder.

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