This weekend in Formentera have seen customs that seemed forgotten in 2019. People greeted each other on the street without knowing anything. They stopped you, they grabbed your arm if you didn't turn around and with a smile that might seem exaggerated, they asked:

-How are we doing, are we butt?

Between Friday and Sunday, the third edition of Son Estrella Galicia Posidonia , "a different festival," was held on the Balearic Island, as if they were part of a sect, the 350 attendees who got one of the coveted tickets, sold out to the few days of going on sale.

The public of Posidonia, on their pilgrimage for Formentera.JGARCIANI

Do not exaggerate, this is not a festival to use. The most similar feeling would be to be at a party full of surprises that lasts for 72 hours. An exclusive gypsy wedding for indies who want to escape from the city. Here come mature who no longer want to pass penalties. Concerts are not the only important thing. In fact, until you arrive you don't know which artists are going to perform.

At 20 hours of the first day, with an ideal background for Instagram (the sun slipping through the sunset while lighting the sea), the corrillos of nervous people swirl before an improvised stage in front of the beach.

-That raise your hand who came last year!

Euphoric screams. Dozens of arms in the air. These people have spent money to be here. The subscription, which covers activities in addition to food and drink (including the ubiquitous beer), cost them 240 euros . Apart they had to pay for accommodation, transportation to Ibiza (plane from the Peninsula in most cases) and ferry to Formentera.

One of them is Diego, a Madrilenian who has come with his girlfriend. "It is a good opportunity to get to know the island without stress and without the crazy prices of the high season," says Alejandro Baillca's concert, the project of Alejandro Guillén, one of the sensations of the season when mixing the Galician tradition with sounds electronic

With just a couple of works published this young artist has invented a new genre, risking a proposal that could be forced (that idea of ​​updating the ancestral) but that in his case sounds fresh, danceable, pure 2019 .

Posidonia looks in the mirror of Sinsal, with whom she shares a sponsor and that same gourmet attitude. His older brother celebrated his ninth edition in September on the paradisiacal island of San Simón in Pontevedra .

"Both share that tireless spirit in the search for the new," say the programmers, who are Galician and this year have opted to bring Formentera to future stars such as Otha, Elena Setién, Ivy Barkakati, Joana Serrat, Oddisee , Arp Frique, Holly Miranda and Charlotte Adigery.

An invisible entity to whom the regulars have dubbed "The God Posidonia" is responsible for informing via WhatsApp every day, at every moment, what is next to happen and what are the instructions.

On Saturday morning, a bus stop with sunglasses, a small towel and comfortable shoes had to be reached at 10.10 am The plan: make a route of a couple of hours through one of the beautiful places of the island.

Elena waits for the poseidoners next to some salinas. This lady from the island and hired by the organization tells with excitement the story of her people: how her teenage father carried sacks of salt to earn a salary . "It is the testimony that guarantees us to preserve the historical memory", explains Iara, a young local biologist who lives in Olot (Girona) but every year he returns to his homeland during the days of the festival to practice as a guide.

Next to it we cross a wild beach, surprising a nudist couple that barely flinches. Some optimists hoped to take a bath (the temperature is nice, the sun itches but there is a breeze): it's time to wait until later, there is a jellyfish bank .

A path leads to a pine forest and there, in a bucolic corner, appears Alondra Bentley. "Doesn't it happen to you that when you are in a place like that you want to leave the city and change your life?" Asks the Anglo singer from Murcia, who has prepared with his accomplice Nacho Ruiz a recital unplugged with his melodic voice , two guitars and toy instruments that could not be more appropriate for the idyllic place, home of lizards, hedgehogs, beetles and hundreds of birds that use this natural park as a migration route.

There is a character that many already consider the true spirit of Posidonia. It's Johnny, a thirty-year-old music lover who hasn't failed any year. This time he has managed to gather eight colleagues from different parts of Spain, have rented a rustic house on the island and move in a Volkswagen van. "Do you know what I like most about the festival? That for three days you give kisses and hugs to 80% of the people, this is like a family."

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