On Tuesday, October 15, the start of sales of the autobiography of the British singer "I am Elton John" (Me) is scheduled. The book will be available in Russian in early November. In it, the author talks about his path to fame and summarizes the achievements.

In an interview, Elton John said: he wants his sons to learn from his memoirs about how he was in his youth and what happened in his life.

Elton John also talks about celebrities with whom he was familiar - including fashion designer Gianni Versaci, as well as musicians John Lennon, Freddie Mercury and Michael Jackson.

Sir Elton says that he had known Michael Jackson since he was a teenager, and over time he began to notice obvious changes in his behavior: “I have known Michael since he was 13 or 14. He was an unimaginably sweet child. But at some point in the following years, he began to shut himself off from other people and the real world, like Elvis Presley did in his time, ”the TMZ publication quotes from the book.

“God knows what was going on in his head and what medicines he was fed, but every time I met an adult Michael, I could not get rid of the idea that the poor man was completely moved,” writes Elton John.

In particular, the artist recalls how he once invited Michael Jackson to a party. He did not eat anything, and later disappeared. He was found two hours later in the house of housekeeper Elton John - the king of pop was entertained by video games in the company of her 11-year-old son. The author concluded that for some reason, Jackson was uncomfortable in the company of adults.

“I'm not joking at all. He was really mentally ill. Next to him, he felt uneasy, ”Elton John sums up.

Family ties and loss of ties

In his memoirs, Elton John also talks about a difficult relationship with his father. Parents divorced when the future musician was 15 years old, and his mother raised him. The father got his family and, according to the performer, was completely not interested in his life and work - he never even attended concerts.

Elton John's younger half-brother, Jeff Dwight, expressed bewilderment about this thesis, and suggested that the singer either suffers from memory loss and sincerely believes that his father was not on his show - or wants to believe it. Because, according to Dwight, he remembers exactly how at the age of five he listened with his parents to a concert of his stepbrother in Liverpool.

Elton John also reinforces his position by the fact that his father refused his help when he suffered from health problems - however, this, as Jeff Dwight claims, does not testify against his father: he just did not want to change the state institution where they knew about him health status, to a private clinic and a doctor who is not aware of the medical history.

According to Jeff Dwight, the singer would not have mentioned his father in a similar vein if his mother, Sheila Eileen Dwight, were alive.

“Perhaps she was the only person over whom Elton could not get the upper hand. He has long been critical of my father. But now that his mother is gone, he is no longer afraid to say what he thinks, ”the singer’s stepbrother shared in an interview for the British publication Mirror.

Sheila Dwight died on December 4, 2017, and her father, Stanley Dwight, died in 1991. According to the artist’s stepbrother, the father was interested in the life of his eldest son and watched his success: “The father was proud of him. When he saw Elton on TV, his eyes literally lit up. " Jeff Dwight emphasized that his father was very restrained in emotions - perhaps the military past affected.

After the release of the movie “Rocketman,” Dwight also criticized his stepbrother for distorting his father’s image for similar reasons: he said that Stanley Dwight bought his eldest son a piano when they were no longer the same family, and remembered Elton John even when he was dying.

Kinship with Elton John caused Dwight trouble when he was serving a sentence for a failed robbery in his youth: “By coincidence, I turned out to be the half-brother of such a rock star as Elton. You can’t hide from this. In prison, I was beaten by another prisoner who knew that I was his brother. He broke my jaw. ”

Representatives of the artist said that Elton John intends to continue to stick to his own version, and Dwight's words are not true.