Akira Yoshino of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry “Young people are crispy and greedy” Oct. 15 5:10


Akira Yoshino, who was selected for the Nobel Prize in Chemistry, met at Nagoya University, where he is a professor, and said, “I want young people to be thrilled. Encouraged the students.

Akira Yoshino, who was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry, gave a lecture at Meijo University in Tenpaku-ku, Nagoya, where he worked as a professor, and then attended a press conference.

Mr. Yoshino said, “I hear that many Tokai students find employment locally. As a position to send human resources to local companies that support Japanese industry, the lecture seems to be from the industry, and as interactive as possible. I want the students to take my experiences and thoughts greedyly. "

Also, when asked why he always smiles, he introduces the “Ina Kana that hangs down to the extent that it ripens” in the name of the right, “When you become fruitful in the world, you hang down the head, The younger people should not be drooping, and the young people should be crispy.I’m old and I ’m a little hungry so I ’m smiling, but I think young people should n’t lean on their heads. ” Encouraged.

He also touched on Typhoon No. 19, “If you think about what you can do with a lithium-ion battery in the event of a disaster, for example, if you have one electric car, you can use electricity for two days at home even if there is a power outage. In the future, as a researcher, I would like to consider contributing to environmental problems. "