LA Kings, the Los Angeles ice hockey team, will no longer show a banner with an Taylor Swift ad on it. TMZ writes this .

The ice hockey team is going to cover the banner of the coming games. The advertisement is in the Staples sports complex, where all home games are played. With this the LA Kings want to respond to the wishes of their fans. They don't want to see the banner.

A team spokesperson said the team believes it is important to listen to fans. "The bond with our fans is the most important, and they have clearly stated that the banner should not be part of a visit to a match of the Kings. an opportunity to show our fans that their opinion is important. "

The cause of the call of their fans is partly due to superstition. The LA Kings have not won a single game since the curtain hangs in the sports complex. "We are unbeatable when the Taylor Swift banner is covered," said the LA Kings team mascot on Twitter.

We are undefeated when the Taylor Swift banner is covered up!

Avatar AuthorBaileyLAKingsMoment of places16: 34 - October 13, 2019