His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of the Executive Council, said that the start of the implementation of strategic projects and initiatives, "Dubai Silk Line" represents a new breakthrough in the field of economic development, which strengthens the emirate's position as a vital axis of the global economy, especially Through its highly efficient and reliable logistics capabilities, it has positioned itself as a key link for global trade flows.

His Highness explained that the strategy of the Dubai Silk Line opens the way for a qualitative development with which Dubai is consolidating its role and contribution in supporting the trade and economic growth of the UAE, according to the vision of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai. In accordance with the provisions of the 'Fifty Document', and pursuant to His Highness' directives to continue to upgrade our economic capabilities and strengthen our trade links with the world, and adopt technological solutions that help to accelerate the pace of achievement and reach our strategic objectives within the shortest time frames.

“Through these initiatives and projects, we offer the world many advantages and possibilities in linking international markets, drawing on the significant resources that Dubai has invested in developing the infrastructure of trade and logistics through our pioneering projects to establish ports, airports and free zones, which have become a major global platform to facilitate the transition. East-West trade, now crowned by the Dubai Silk Line as a major trade corridor to keep pace with the transformation of global trade by providing state-of-the-art logistics facilities using the latest smart applications.

This came on the occasion of the start of the implementation of the global logistics passport, which was launched by "Dubai Customs", in implementation of the first part of the strategy "Dubai Silk Line"; the first item in the document 50, where His Highness the Crown Prince of Dubai that the strategy of "Dubai Silk Line" integrated with all The items contained in the document by the introduction of the passport, which will represent a quantum leap in the course of economic development of the Emirate of Dubai and establish a new phase of growth, especially at the level of the trade sector.

The Global Logistics Passport enhances the ability of Dubai Silk Line to play a vital role in increasing demand for multimodal products and transport services in Dubai, and reflects the vital role of Dubai Customs in establishing Dubai's regional and international position as a major destination and crossing point for global trade. Dubai Customs leading initiatives to actively participate in the implementation of the provisions of the 50th document.

HH Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum, Chairman of Dubai Aviation Authority and Chairman of the Emirates Group, said: “The advanced logistics facilities provided by Dubai World Trade through the introduction of the Global Logistics Passport are one of the most innovative initiatives that will enhance the added value offered to traders and investors. By saving time and effort and reducing the cost of their business operations, this is a powerful support tool that contributes to the growth of their trade and financial returns and supports their ability to expand trade and investment.We are keen to offer these advantages to the global trade movement at this time. The world has been confronted with significant trade and economic challenges.

We aim to maximize the flexibility and efficiency of the logistics services provided by Dubai to traders and investors by unifying the procedures followed by all parties providing logistics services in the emirate within a single track, to enhance the speed of delivery and improve the quality of service and to attract more global trade, Dubai is now preparing to host Expo 2020 and the world is looking at it as a sophisticated commercial destination that proves its worthiness and leadership position on the global economic map.

The Global Logistics Passport provides operational and financial benefits to merchants and freight forwarders at several levels, by organizing trade corridors and enhancing integration in the efforts of all parties supporting the business and logistics activity in Dubai by linking logistics services between government entities such as Dubai Customs and Dubai Trade with logistics centers such as Dubai World Ports. Dnata, to facilitate trade between the various sectors and facilitate transactions between the concerned commercial entities in the Emirate to support their ability to achieve a flourishing trade movement.

The global logistics passport allows merchants and freight forwarders to benefit from its advantages when they increase their trade volume by relying on the passport, thus enabling them to reduce operational costs and increase revenues. As a major destination for the global trade movement thanks to its superior logistical capabilities locally, regionally and internationally, which the Emirate has achieved in its growing journey towards global leadership, through its continuous progress and through the high efficiency of many stations that have earned In the first place in the field of trade and multimodal transport, the company has achieved a leading position in this field, culminating in the adoption of the Dubai Silk Line strategy and the launch of the global logistics passport in implementation of the first part of the strategy.