Organizers of the Big Bad Wolf exhibition in Dubai revealed the continuation of the special offers offered by the largest bookstore in the world with a unique bouquet of offers, which is witnessing a wide demand from all book lovers in Dubai. This comes on the heels of the impressive success of the exhibition during the opening weekend, which saw more than 90,000 book and reading enthusiasts flock to the audiovisual auditorium to explore books displayed in the various sections of the exhibition, including children's books, fiction and non-fiction. Specialized attention.

The exhibition is open to guests free of charge 24 hours a day until Sunday 20th. The exhibition offers visitors more than three million new books in English at 50-80% discount on retail prices, once again demonstrating its presence as one of the largest booksellers in Dubai.

“My wife and I went to visit the exhibition on Friday,” said Masoud Omar, one of the visitors to the exhibition. “The place was full of life. Satisfies their curiosity. I was amazed at the high organization of the exhibition, and the experience was exciting for our three children as well. Of course, we did not leave the doors of the exhibition before we fully filled our vehicle with the most important books we obtained at the best prices ».

Although English books accounted for the largest share of the titles on display, the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Knowledge Foundation, through its Qandil Printing and Publishing arm, provided a wide range of books and publications in Arabic, a move that underlines its commitment to promoting the spread of Arabic. Widely.

Nader Nabil, owner and founder of Paragon Aquatics, said: “I was very impressed with the variety of books, from novels and comics to lifestyle books. This diverse collection has given me a wide range of options to satisfy my passion for reading. The round-the-clock opening gives me time to spend an extended night buying books. After enjoying the first edition of the exhibition last year, I was very excited to be back at this year's second edition. ”

Mohammed Al Aidarous, Managing Partner of Inc Redable Book Trading, the local organizer of Big Bad Wolf in Dubai, said: “The exhibition is distinguished by its wide variety of international books, to the satisfaction of everyone, whether teachers, parents, students and enthusiasts. Books, even those who are not used to reading a lot and looking for a gift before the holiday season ». “These reductions are the perfect opportunity for families to review books and expand their knowledge horizons. Embracing books suitable for children and adults, the exhibition is an ideal place to spend time with family and friends. ”

The exhibition welcomes guests free of charge 24 hours a day.