The Hamdan Bin Mohammed Heritage Rehabilitation Center offers pages of history in the form of a heritage village, built annually in the Global Village in Dubai, to remain a source of local culture, a destination for visitors and researchers, and an oasis embodying a vibrant historical and social reality.

Concerning the preparations accompanying the event, Hind bin Mohammed Al-Qamzi, Director of Events Department at the Hamdan Bin Mohammed Heritage Center, said: “We are preparing to open the Heritage Village at the end of this month, in conjunction with the opening date of the Global Village. The Heritage Village has always been a key pillar to identify the UAE environment and its social components. According to the Center's approach, the work schedules have been prepared to include a range of events, activities and technical workshops that we will organize to engage visitors from all segments of society, especially in the Year of Tolerance, to show the bonds of brotherhood and the values ​​of coexistence that were and still one of the most important features of our society » .

“Five years of participation have witnessed a remarkable development in the heritage village, such as the addition of the agricultural environment and places for the herding profession, the increase in the number of artisans and other cultural factors that contribute to building a true awareness of heritage,” she added. “This season, the center will continue to activate the heritage village, from land to sea, between mountains and plantations, which draws pages of history that allow the visitor to get acquainted with the UAE's civilization from the heritage village gate, on a journey to every environment in which the memory of the place is located. Her master, a group of craftsmen and workers, who represent the succession of generations from large to small ». She concluded by saying that «many vocabulary related to the heritage village, which is organized by the Center every season in the global village, and the surrounding area of ​​the (barn) and (hair houses) and (tents) and (cafes) and (shop), while creating hands in weaving (Sadu) And pottery. And between the environment and another, adults sit and play on the young (Merhanh - Swings) in a live scene for yesterday's present does not miss the memory of generations ».