Carlo Boszhard is happy that his good friend and colleague Irene Moors has a new job for Omroep MAX, but also hopes that a joint program can follow in the future.

"If I am asked and so are I, and we have the right program: then we will certainly do it", says the 50-year-old presenter and program maker in conversation with "You see a lot of incorrect programs on television, we are not going to do that. We must have something that suits us."

Boszhard and Moors made their debut as a duo in 1991, when they presented Telekids together. Successful programs such as Life & Cooking and Life 4 You followed . Whether the right program must necessarily be in the same corner is not known by the presenter.

Boszhard: "It could be something like that, but a step further. That could be online, but we mainly make television for people who really sit in front of it. Viewers who turn on the television especially for that one program and you really have that only with traditional television. So we have to find a program for that. "