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Teacher bullying up to 50 malicious acts Lawyer reports to police | NHK News


Due to the bullying problem caused by teachers at elementary schools in Kobe City, the male teacher who suffered damage was able to put a kettle with hot water on his face, and there were about 50 evils.

Teacher bullying up to 50 malicious acts Lawyer reported to the police on 11 October 18:48

A bullying problem by teachers of elementary school in Kobe City revealed that the male teacher who was damaged was complaining that he had been subjected to about 50 malicious bullying activities such as putting a kettle with hot water on his face. The agent's lawyer filed a damage report with the police in the evening of the 11th.

In the city of Higashi-Suma Elementary School in Kobe City, four male teachers in their 30s and one female teacher in their 40s repeated bad bullying by male teachers in their 20s. I have lost my physical condition and can no longer work from last month.

According to the victim's teachers, bullying started around spring last year and was not only forcibly eaten spicy curry with wings tightened, but also had been drunk under dressing and kimchi hot pot about it.

In addition to daily violence, such as putting a kettle with hot water on his face or strangling his neck, he frequently accused him of saying “Kuz does not speak”.

In addition, there are about 50 bullying activities, such as putting a tomato juice on a new car you just bought or putting ice in a bag.

Even after instructing the teacher who bullied the school principal in June, he said, “I didn't think you were bullying,” or “I did n’t think you were bullying.”

The lawyer of the teacher who was bullied reported to the police in the evening of the 11th.

Assault, extortion, damage to property ... The principal's response is also a problem

There are about 50 bullying cases that male teachers are complaining about.

The bullying started at the end of last spring at the latest. It was about a year after the male teacher was appointed.

When I was asked that I would like to see the class because I am a newcomer, I was told that "Don't come, my classroom gets dirty."

Male teachers complain that daily violence has begun from that time.

▽ Slap,
▽ Kicked,
▽ I was strangled and became difficult to breathe,
▽ Even if I said "I hurt sorely", I couldn't stop,
▽ A kettle with hot water was put on my face,
▽ It is said that the bruise was made by hitting the butt with the core of the copy paper.

In a drinking party after last year's athletic meet, the beer bottle was squeezed into the mouth and forcibly drunk, and the bottle that had been drunk was also hit.

Then, on the afternoon of September 4, last year, in the school's home economics room, he was squeezed from behind and was able to eat a spicy curry and accused him of rubbing the spicy curry.

Furthermore, all the spicy ramen was drunk, and the teachers who were there were laughing when they saw their suffering.

It is said that there was no end to harassment of important belongings and cars by male teachers.

▽ I put ice in a bag and the contents get drenched several dozen times,
▽ Dripping water on prints for distribution to children,
▽ It means that the instruction plan was scribbled.

▽ You can put tomato juice on a new car you just bought,
▽ It means that there was also water sprinkled inside.

Vicious bullying by words was often done.
▽ "It is courtesy to buy sweet stuff when you go on a business trip,"
▽ When I bought it and returned home, I complained that it was thrown away in front of me.

▽ It means that you have been forced to pick up and drop off many times, even though you haven't finished your work and are told, "I want to go home and send it to you."

▽ Daily name is called with "Kuz", "Trash" etc.
▽ Even if you ask a question at work, you are complaining that you were blocked by "Do not speak".

Bullying was also taking place where children were present.
The teacher on the perpetrator side said that the male teacher spoke badly in front of the children and said, “Did you mess up the class?” .

We are also complaining about problems with the school side.
Last December, the male teacher had a term-end interview with the previous principal.
In this, the former principal asked if he was being harassed, and the male teacher replied `` I am indebted '', and the former principal said, `` I am not being bullied. '' It is said that it was pushed.

In June, there was a report from another teacher who did not see bullying, and the current principal directed the perpetrators.
However, after that, he said, “I told you everything,” “Behind you, there is a great person, the principal,” and “What is bullying?

The male teacher began to have symptoms such as sleep problems around April, and his mental condition further deteriorated during the summer vacation with the feeling that he would be done when the second semester started.

A male teacher's attorney filed damage reports with the police on the evening of the 11th, alleging that such actions could be extorted, assaulted, or damaged.

Source: nhk

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