Invited in "Media Culture" on Friday, comedian Stéphane Guillon presented his new show, entitled "Prolongation", where, as usual, he attacks political figures. In parallel, he continues his acting career with a role in the mini-series event of TF1 "The Bazaar of Charity".


After First Farewell , he returns with a new show. Invited on Europe 1, Friday, in Media Culture , comedian Stéphane Guillon has talked about Prolongation at the theater Tristan Bernard since last week and until December 28. In this show, Stéphane Guillon, to the eternal devastating sarcasm, uses once again his subversive humor to make the audience laugh. "I say that we can not laugh at the physical, the disabled, air disasters and religions," he summarizes. "So I say I'm going back saying goodbye because you can not talk about it anymore, but right after that, I hasten to laugh at it."

Political jokes galore

As always, the jokes about political personalities are part of its inspiration: the news. "(Christophe) Castaner, I think it's a precious person that must absolutely be kept.This is one of my best clients," said Stéphane Guillon. "It's a bit of Charles Pasqua's physics with the (Nadine) Morano's IQ, it's a boy who's precious, so I'm going to keep him," he continues, referring in particular to the video showing Christophe Castaner, Minister of the Interior, at a party drunk in nightclub, after Act 17 "yellow vests".

"I think that someone who is able to make the caterpillar in a nightclub singing The little foam man the day the Champs-Elysees are sacked is precious because it gives us a lot of work," smiles Stéphane Guillon, adding that "this is the first time that we have a cagole Minister of the Interior".

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Stéphane Guillon knows that his public is waiting for him on politics. So he's playing it. "At some point, I say I will not talk politics," which then triggers public disappointment. "I say there is nothing to say [about the government because] it's a slew of anonymous people, like Agnès Buzyn, [the Minister of Health] I'm saying I'm not going to talk about it and Then I talk about it, the whole show is built this way, "says Stéphane Guillon.

Soon a movie and a role in a series

The scene is not the only occupation of Stéphane Guillon. He also revealed to the microphone of Europe 1 being in the process of writing a film. "It's one of my dreams, it's nice," said the comedian. But he does not forget the small screen either. He will play in the historic series The Bazaar of Charity , broadcast soon on TF1. The mini-series co-produced by the first channel and platform Netflix, returns to the fire of the Bazaar of charity, which took place in 1897 in Paris. "This is the event series of TF1 with an incredible cast: Josiane Balasko, Audrey Fleurot, Melki Gilbert, Antoine Duléry," enthuses Stéphane Guillon, who reveals playing "a very dark character" who "feasted".