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Half of the “drug-resistant bacteria” “knowing” that are difficult to work with antibiotics | NHK News


While the spread of “drug-resistant bacteria,” where antibiotics are less effective, has become a problem, all respondents who answered “know” drug-resistant bacteria in a public opinion survey by the Cabinet Office…

Antibiotic-resistant “drug resistant bacteria” “Know” is half October 11 18:41

In the public opinion survey of the Cabinet Office, about half of the total respondents answered that they knew the drug-resistant bacteria, and the Cabinet Office I will try to raise awareness as the danger is not well known.

In order to understand the public awareness of “drug-resistant bacteria,” where antibiotics are less effective, the Cabinet Office conducted a public opinion survey of 3,000 people aged 18 and over nationwide from August to last month. Got an answer.

According to it, when we asked if we knew "drug-resistant bacteria", 49.9% were "knowing" and 48.7% were "unknown".

In addition, when we asked multiple questions about what we know about “drug-resistant bacteria,” the most common answer was “the antibiotics do not work for bacteria that cause infectious diseases,” followed by 75.6%. There is a risk that bacteria may increase in the body "was 53.7%.

On the other hand, “even healthy people may have bacteria” accounted for 28.4%, and “like other bacteria, people can be infected from person to person” only 27.8%.

The person in charge at the Cabinet Office says, “There are many cases where the danger of drug-resistant bacteria is not specifically known, so I would like to continue to focus on enlightenment activities.”

Source: nhk

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