Braille block Height shift Improvement Home fall death accident received October 11th 12:09

This month, an accident in which a visually impaired woman fell and died at a station in Katsushika-ku, Tokyo, found that there was a gap in the height of the Braille blocks on the site. Submitted.

On the 1st of this month, Kiyoko Akiya (66), a visually handicapped person who lives in Arakawa Ward, who was thought to have stumbled at his home, fell to the railroad track and died on the train.

As for the Braille block at the site, a linear block was added last year to show the inside of the home along the protruding block, but this additional part was 3-4 mm higher, and the deviation was I understood that there was.

In response, the Tokyo Metropolitan Blind Welfare Association submitted a questionnaire to Keisei Electric Railway for improvement on the 11th.

According to the Blind Welfare Association, visually impaired people tend to walk casually trying to check Braille blocks carefully at the platform of the station, and there is a possibility that it may cause a accident with a misalignment of several millimeters I have sex.

Blocks to indicate the inside of the platform are additionally installed at many stations, which means that there may be misalignments at other stations.

Mr. Yoshihiko Tsujikawa, Chairman of the Tokyo Welfare Welfare Society, said, “We want to fix it as soon as possible even if there is a slight gap.”

Keisei Electric Railways said, “After confirming the contents of the questionnaire, we would like to consider measures for the safety of users.”