Nagasaki University Hospital 36 outbreaks of influenza October 11 16:51

During the flu outbreak about three months earlier than last season, we found that 36 people, including patients and staff, were infected with influenza at Nagasaki University Hospital in Nagasaki City. The hospital contacts outpatients who are suspected of being infected and checks the infection status.

According to Nagasaki University Hospital, on the 4th of this month, employees working in the radiation department of Nagasaki University Hospital showed symptoms of influenza, and infection of influenza A was confirmed 3 days later.

In response to this, the hospital conducted a survey, and by 4:00 pm on the 11th, there were 36 influenza infections, including 24 radiation department staff and 12 patients who had undergone CT examinations on the 4th of this month. Is confirmed.

All of them are not serious but are going to be pleasant, but the hospital administers a medicine that suppresses the onset of influenza to hospitalized patients who have come into contact with infected people, and also contacts over 100 outpatients who have undergone CT examination on this month It means that the infection status is confirmed by taking.

Koichi Izumikawa, Director of the Center for Infection Control and Education at Nagasaki University Hospital, “Hospital employees are usually getting flu shots in late October, but the outbreak at this time was unexpected. "I would like to reflect on the mass infection of my family and try to get the vaccine as soon as possible after next year."