Director Shawki Mejri died Thursday at the age of 58 after a heart attack.

The nephew of the late director appealed to the Tunisian Embassy in Egypt and the Tunisian Minister of Culture to accelerate the transfer of the body of Majri, who lives in Cairo, to Tunisia, according to «Russia Today».

Mohammed, a nephew of Mejri, said the director was ill a few days ago and was taken to hospital late last night, where he suffered a stroke at the hospital entrance and died.

Mejri was born in 1961 and presented many television series in different Arab countries such as Egypt, Syria and Jordan, including (Asmahan) and (free fall) and (sweetness of the soul) and (relative calm) and (Road rough) and also made in 2012 the film (Kingdom of ants) Starring Abed Fahad, Saba Mubarak and Munther Rayahna.