After the extreme right-wing terrorist attack in Halle, the horror in the media is great. Among other things, newspapers warn of a continuity of right-wing violence. "This is a day that has to be eye-opening in the most brutal way: which Hydra right-wing extremist terror is meanwhile," writes the Süddeutsche Zeitung . For years, "suddenly appeared perpetrators in the appearance that the security authorities either before or hardly had on the radar," criticized the newspaper and calls including the NSU and the murder of Walter Lübcke as examples.

For the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung , the warnings of Jewish communities have confirmed in a "tragic way". How radicalized a "rekindled anti-Semitism", in the paramilitary elevator of the alleged perpetrator. The sad truth is that right-wing extremist and anti-Semitic perpetrators in Germany have been able to move freely for years in the "dregs of society", the newspaper comments.

The Bonn-based General-Anzeiger warns of a new dimension of anti-Semitic violence: "Jews in Germany have been exposed to abuse and attacks almost every day and more often on the street, and now they have to fear for their lives." That was a shocking finding.

The Stuttgart news point out that there were enough signs of possible attacks. After all, the number of anti-Jewish crimes has increased recently. "Nobody say that nobody could have guessed."

Comparison with Christchurch attacker

The Leipziger Volkszeitung accuses the state government in Saxony-Anhalt of having relativized the dangers from the right again and again. The militancy of the right-wing extremist scene is growing throughout Germany. "It always appears more openly and sometimes even infiltrates the security agencies."

The attacker's actions had a "notable resemblance" to the rampage of a right-wing extremist against two mosques in New Christchurch, New York Times . Like the Christchurch attacker, the alleged perpetrator of Halle himself also shot a video.

On Wednesday afternoon, an armed assailant tried to storm the synagogue in Halle. It was fully occupied because of the high Jewish holiday Yom Kippur. The culprit failed because of the locked door. He then shot dead two people before he was arrested by the police. At least two people were injured. The perpetrator is, according to first findings, a far-right. He filmed the act with a helmet camera. The video is a right-wing confession. He also left behind an anti-Semitic manifesto.