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NHK News introduces Nobel Prize in Chemistry to reprint the "Science of Candles" | NHK News


The book that Akira Yoshino, who has won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry, introduced at the conference as "I got interested in science" will be reprinted ...

To the reprint of “The Science of Candles” Introduced by Nobel Prize in Chemistry Mr. Yoshino, October 10 17:07

A book that Akira Yoshino, who has won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry, introduced at the conference that it was an opportunity to become interested in science will be reprinted, and publishers will respond to a series of orders, etc. Being chased.

Akira Yoshino, an honorary fellow of a major chemical maker “Asahi Kasei”, who won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry, read the book “The Science of Candles” when he was an elementary school student at the night of the 9th. Said that it became an opportunity to become interested in.

This book is based on a lecture given by a British scientist Faraday in 1861, and scientifically explains various phenomena that occur familiarly from 24 experiments using a single candle.

It is a content that conveys the fascination of science from everyday questions, such as explaining the vaporization of substances under the theme of "Where did the burning candle go?"

Both “KADOKAWA” and “Iwanami Shoten”, which publish the Japanese version of this book, have decided to reprint, and KADOKAWA will reprint the library version of 20,000 copies, as well as related books that have been easily read. about it.

According to KADOKAWA, this book was resonated even when Yoshinori Osumi received the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Physiology in 2016, but there are more inquiries this time, so new orders that have been in succession since the night of 9th It was chased by correspondence to.

“That ’s a book that can be felt as a“ sense of wonder ”for science and anyone can read it.” I think it would be a chance. "

Some bookstores that are already sold out

In bookstores in Osaka city, orders and inquiries from people of all ages, from children to adults, went to sell this book one after another in the morning.

The bookstore will have a special corner as soon as it arrives at the end of this month.

Ryo Inoue, who is in charge of books in the natural sciences at a bookstore, said, “I read it myself, but I was just as crazy as a child. I was talking.

Source: nhk

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