Message from the Damaged Teacher October 11th 4:50

The full text of a message sent to a child or guardian by a male teacher who was bullied at a public elementary school in Kobe.

I was surprised that the teacher suddenly changed to the children. sorry.

I have been teaching the same children for three consecutive years. Initially small children from the second grade. Lastly, the children who grew up going to 6th grade. They were very honest children, they worked very hard for the event, and they were good friends in the school year.

“I love these children,” I was sending out the good things about kids through class communication, but every day really grew. At first, they are small and quarreled, but they can reflect on themselves and be kind to their friends.

Because I was scared of the staff room, I had a happy time with children every day. “I want to be with these children for a long time”.

Everyone in the class also has a warm heart that will prepare a gift with a letter on the birthday. Even if it fails, there is compassion to be able to call out “Don Mai”. These teachers and friends have the same eyes and justice that can be seen with equal eyes.

There is also an innocent aspect of playing with the whole class, not saying “middle trouble” at the playground. Your smile will always be a teacher's treasure and will make you happy. Thank you.

And one, the teacher often said, "Please consult someone if you are bullied." However, the teacher wasn't asked for help, and in the end, she fell into physical condition.

"I'm sorry"

It is a request because it is the current teacher. If you have a hard time or a sad time, do not take it alone. Certainly someone will reach out and help you. Someday, I'll definitely go to show you how I got back in front of everyone. Dreaming of that day, teachers will do their best.

I am always grateful for the warm welcome to my parents.

“I'm glad to be a teacher in the third year.” Someone who has spoken like this is a word that supports me.

I received a lot of support from the kind parents who care about me, "Isn't she lost my teacher?" My treasure is my experience of saying that my class communication and letters to children are treasures.

Finally, I ’m sorry for the worry and inconvenience.