Floor Jansen, the singer of the Finnish metal band Nightwish, has added three concerts to her solo tour from the beginning of next year.

Jansen, who is currently playing in the music program B este Zangers , gives the extra performances in Heerlen, Tilburg and The Hague. She would already perform in Heerlen and Tilburg.

The singer is accompanied at her concerts by Henk Poort, who also took part in Best Singers . For Jansen he sang in the program, among others, the song The Sound of Silence by Disturbed.

It was recently announced that Jansen and her band Nightwish will be playing in the Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam on 24 November 2020.

Jansen has been the front woman of the Finnish metal band since 2012 and is world famous among metal fans. Thanks to her participation in Best Singers , she now enjoys fame in her home country.