Why is it still dangerous in Germany, which at every opportunity shouts about its guilt before the Jews, to be a Jew? This question should be addressed to German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who, for hours after the tragedy in Halle, did not find the courage to go to the microphone and say that xenophobia and anti-Semitism in a democratic Germany is an everyday occurrence.

And to add that a decent part of the blame for this situation lies personally with the Chancellor. Why did Merkel and the whole courageous political elite of Germany keep silent three days ago when a Syrian refugee with a machete attacked a synagogue in Berlin? So nothing happened, the powers that be say. But the Berlin judge generally released the terrorist back home.

“And why plant him? - the judge was surprised at the issue of journalists. “He only threatened, not killed?”

Yes, in Halle killed another (or others), it does not play absolutely no role.

Because the fight against xenophobia and anti-Semitism in Germany is a magnificent show, for which there is no real work.

I do not want to delve into the question of who lives more dangerous - Jews, Muslims, Albanians or homeless people. But the Germans, who are increasingly becoming victims of attacks by radical refugees? Or the victims of the terrorist attack at the Christmas market - does it really matter who they are by nationality?

We are talking about the Jewish question, because it is something that is visible both in terms of the historical past and in terms of today's Jewish life in Germany.

I’ll tell you how “safe” Jewish organizations live, for example, in Berlin. The community has about 12 thousand people, maintains a school, kindergarten, takes care of cemeteries. But the most powerful structure within the community is not educators or teachers. Security is who dominates. Each institution is guarded by a security service that monitors who, when, and why goes to the door of a Jewish organization. Video cameras, employees who are regularly trained by Israeli specialists. Add to them police outfits that are guarded around the clock outside the buildings. Body armor, assault rifles, special forces helmets. In front of the El Al Airlines terminal, in the hours of flights, there is also an armored car with a machine gun on the tower, which is very clearly visible from afar.

For decades, the German leadership has insisted that Jewish life (as well as German, Muslim and others) is not in danger, and sends armored cars to protect this life!

Yes, Germany does a lot to atone for the years of Nazism. Redeemed? Millions of stamps and euros, of course, helped specific people, but did they lead to the elimination of anti-Semitism?

No, they didn’t.

It would be foolish to blame Merkel alone, although we will return to her specific fault for the growth of anti-Semitism. Let's look at a couple of decades ago - at the end of the forties, the beginning of the fifties.

Since 1946, the United States and England began to actively build "their" part of Germany in their own image. They gave the Germans a draft state framework and called it the Basic Law, which was to become the Constitution. Do not believe it - still did not. As was the Basic Law, it remained. But to protect this law, the Americans needed government agencies, primarily law enforcement agencies, legal and judicial services. For the US power structures in the person of Allen Dulles, a Wehrmacht general Helen, a member of the NSDAP and Hitler's faithful ally, was selected.

Under it, the so-called Gehlen Organization, known today as the BND, was created - the FRG foreign intelligence service. 80% of the organization’s employees were former officers and employees from the SD, SS, and Abwehr. Courts were created in a similar way - more than half of the judges until the mid-1960s and later were members of the NSDAP. On the one hand, the United States handed the Germans a draft Constitution, which proclaimed democratic principles on the tracing of Washington. On the other, former Nazis were hired to protect this law.

What kind of eradication of anti-Semitism can we talk about if half the power structures of West Germany were built on the shoulders of former members of the NSDAP? I add that out of almost 12 million members of the NSDAP, no more than one and a half million were denazified. Almost 10 million Nazis actually saved their party cards. It would be naive to suppose that their families preached love and compassion for the Jews.

Therefore, anywhere and never dislike and even hatred of the Jews did not go away. She was simply crushed and hidden by the fear of reprisals for overt manifestations of anti-Semitism.

But to justify the terrorist for attacking the synagogue - this is welcome.

Just do not write off everything on the so-called right. Unfortunately, the left and the green in their “love” for the Jews have not gone far. They either call for a boycott of goods from Israel, or they demand assistance from terrorist groups in the Middle East. It also creates a certain glow of xenophobia in society.

Back to Merkel. The German Chancellor is well aware that about 30,000 of the millions of refugees are radical Islamists. Merkel, on the one hand, bitterly complains about the growth of cases of anti-Semitism, on the other hand, she does everything to fill the country with people who bring this xenophobia to the country.

The country is torn by contradictions. Right-wing radicals hate migrants, but along with Jews, Gypsies, and all who are not Aryans. Migrants hate the right and, by definition, the Jews.

The Chancellor came in the evening to the Center for Judaism in Berlin. She said the right words about solidarity with German Jews, about the fight against anti-Semitism. But do not deceive yourself and society - Germany is unhealthy. To recover, it is not enough to repeat: "We can." We must take action. And urgent.

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