Yoshino-san's wife “I thought it was a different person from usual” Oct. 9 22:04


Akira Yoshino's wife, Kumiko, and her daughter, Yuko, who were selected for the Nobel Prize in Chemistry, talked about their joy on the evening of the 9th at their home in Fujisawa, Kanagawa.

Mr. Kumiko, his wife, knew that he received the award from Mr. Yoshino on the phone, and he said, “The phone said to me,“ Please call the relevant party because it is still a secret stage. ” When the husband's face came out big on TV news and there was the word “Nobel Prize” underneath it, I felt like a different person, ”he said. I looked back on that.

“I don't show the atmosphere as a researcher in my house at all. Usually, I don't do housework at all. I told you.

After that, “At the beginning of marriage, I was not a researcher but a feeling of getting married to an office worker, so I didn't really think about the Nobel Prize. I wanted to say "I did my best" and "I was good".

Also, my daughter Yuko said, “I've always been said to be a candidate for the Nobel Prize, but I'm glad I won the prize. I want to tell you soon. "