The motion of censure against Quim Torra - the third in the Parliament after those of Josep Benet and Pascual Maragall - was only supported by the third of the Chamber. Lorena Roldán did not knock down Quim, who has a boxer's name, but called him a coward several times. My Catalan sources see the motion of censure as "the first campaign act of a desperate Cs". Polls say Albert Rivera has lost half of the votes and has tried to begin the comeback where he began his adventure. Lorena Roldán has been a discovery; has solved the simpar Inés Arrimadas with solvency. In Castilian and Catalan, the smile revolution revolutionized with talent. This Catalan, daughter of Andalusians, passionate about flamenco, did not disheveled or crushed even if she was left alone before the separatists; the rest of the games, with the exception of the PP, were covered. Lorena removed the title of honorable mot president from Puigdemont and described him as an escape from justice.

The PSC abstained in the motion of censure. Lorena Roldán accused him of being the lifeguard of separatism, of adopting a warm and equidistant position. Then Girauta tweeted saying: "The PSC is a party of lameculos, paniaguados, traitors, self-conscious, immoral and nationalists." It has taken a long time to discover the Mediterranean: a part of the Spanish left and the unions do not want to defeat supremacism but agree with it. It imputes to the Socialists the vice of practicing ambiguity when it is clear that they have agreed with the separatists in 30 municipalities and other institutions, inside and outside Catalonia. Alejandro Fernández , from the PP, told Iceta that he was doing a piece of paperwork. But Iceta accused those who presented the motion of failed propagandists. "Although there are reasons to censor Torra," he replied, "you are not the alternative."

The PSC advances Cs in the polls, it is essential to become president of Pedro Sánchez, and aspires to govern with ERC. He did not support what he considered a motion failed beforehand; also, he said, reinforces independence. Iceta insisted: "The numbers don't give them." Lorena replied: "This is not a matter of numbers but of moral decency." It all ended in a Torra victory without leaving the seat. The separatists considered that the session was a farce, the first pre-campaign meeting on the eve of the movidón of the sentence. My sources explain: "As most sentences will not please anyone. It will be well written and well-founded and will try to be virtuous, that is, balanced. I think the important thing is to go out to start putting out the fires and put down the earth. trenches. "

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