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Stop in Halle: Assassin von Halle shot video


The alleged assassin of Halle has recorded his act with a helmet camera. In the three videos he mentions as motives among others feminism and hatred of the Jews.

The man, who attacked a synagogue and a snack in Halle and shot two people in the course of his attack, filmed his crime with a helmet camera. The three videos are a good 20 minutes in total. They are available TIME ONLINE.

The video recording begins in the vehicle of the offender, in which his arsenal and a laptop can be seen. In a sort of self-expression in English, he says, "Hey, my name is Anon and I do not believe the Holocaust took place." He calls feminism a reason for low birth rates in the West, which led to mass immigration. And he says that "the Jew" is the cause of all these problems.

The recording then documents his unsuccessful attempts to penetrate the synagogue from different locations with a firearm and homemade explosive devices. He comments his failure with the words: "Fuck it, I can not get in."

The videos also show how he directs an automatic weapon at a passing by passers-by and shoots them with several bursts of fire.

Finally, he gets into his car and continues in obvious frustration: "I'm a failure, man!" When he recognizes a doner kebab, he parks the car, enters the snack bar and shoots at the people in it. A man is apparently fatally hit.

The records show that the attack may have resulted in no further casualties simply because of the technical failure of the assassin's weapons. Again and again you can see that his firearm is blocking.

The videos were first discovered by researchers at the prestigious International Center for the Study of Radicalization (ICSR) at London's King's College. ICSR founder Professor Peter Neumann told ZEIT ONLINE that the action of the assassin in Halle is similar to that of the assassin who murdered 51 people in Christchurch, New Zealand in March this year, most of them in a mosque: "Although another goal - Jews, not Muslims - interpret the perpetrator's testimony to someone who has been on the Internet extensively in right-wing message forums and who, like the Christchurch assassin, has assembled an ideology there. "

The assassin was arrested after his crime in a place near Halle. According to information from ZEIT ONLINE against the investigators according to the current state of the fact that he was a single perpetrator.

Source: zeit

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