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Shots in Halle: What we know about the attack in Halle


In Halle, strangers shot two people in front of a synagogue. The church was also attacked. An overview of the facts known so far

What we know for sure

About the crime

  • In the Paulus district north of the old town of Halle, several shots were fired on Wednesday at noon at 12:45 pm. Two people were killed. At least two offenders escaped.
  • The killed are a man and a woman, said a police spokesman. The man was shot dead in a snack bar, the woman on Humboldtstrasse near the Jewish cemetery.
  • About one hour later, at 1:45 pm, Landsberg, 15 kilometers east of Leipzig, was also shot. There was an injured man there.
  • The Federal Prosecutor's Office has taken over the investigation. The investigation is for murder.

About the perpetrators

  • One person was arrested by the police.


What we do not know for sure

About the crime

  • Max Privorozki, Chairman of the Jewish Community of Halle, told ZEIT ONLINE that on Wednesday morning, around 80 parishioners had met in the synagogue to celebrate the final day of the Yom Kippur festival. The synagogue is located in a former burial house in the Jewish cemetery. The site is monitored by cameras. There were shots to hear, said Privorozki. Security guards saw a hooded man on camera pictures. The man shot directly at the synagogue. Apparently he wanted to open the door. Also they would have heard a detonation. "We are assuming a plot against the synagogue," said Privorozki. "But the culprit did not manage to get in."
  • In a video distributed by the television station MDR can be seen how a man with a helmet climbs out of a cruel silver car. He puts on a rifle and shoots over the car on an invisible target. Then he goes back to the rear of the car, there loads his apparently einschüssige shotgun and shoots again. The video shows how the man, standing behind the car, makes two more shots in this way.
  • Another video on shows that the man then puts the gun on the ground and looks in his pockets for something, apparently in vain. Then he picks up the gun again and goes back to the open driver's door of the car and wants to get in. Three shots are heard. At the second shot the man ducks, at the third he twitches. Apparently he is hit by a shot. The man apparently slips to the ground. He remains motionless for several seconds, then raises his arm, sits up and drives away in a curve with the car, the driver's door is still open when driving away.
  • The video images suggest that the offender shot with a self-made shotgun, a so-called slamfire or guerrilla shotgun. These weapons consist of two different sized steel tubes, which are pushed together. In the inner tube a shotgun cartridge is inserted. If the outer tube is then pushed with force on the inside, the cartridge ignites. Such slamfire rifles are easy to manufacture. Instructions for it are numerous in the Internet.

About the perpetrators

  • A photo of the alleged offender shows a man with a black cargo pants, black boots, greenish jacket and helmet. He carries a backpack and a cartridge pouch at the hip. A rifle leans against the wall in front of him, a second weapon he seems to hold in his hand.

Source: zeit

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