Yoshino-san is a professor at Meijo University

At Meijo University in Tenshiro-ku, Nagoya, where Akira Yoshino, who has been awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry, is a professor, attendees and students gathered at the conference to watch the announcement of the Nobel Prize. When Mr. Yoshino's face was reflected on the screen, the venue was cheered by students.

President of Meijo University “I am proud”

Mr. Yoshihiro Ohara, President of Meijo University, where Mr. Yoshino is a professor, said, “I am proud to be a great honor for the students, faculty and staff of Meijo University and 200,000 graduates. "We have developed the original lithium-ion battery, and it has been used in mobile phones, smartphone power supplies, automobiles and aircraft. I hope Professor Yoshino will continue to play an active role."

Student at Meijo University “Someone nearby takes a surprise”

A student at Nagoya University in Nagoya, who was giving a lecture by Yoshino, said, “I am surprised that a person nearby has won the Nobel Prize. First of all, congratulations. I think that various functions such as smartphones will be advanced. "