Contributing to the development of lithium-ion batteries Koichi Mizushima “Great honor” Oct. 9 22:56

Koichi Mizushima (78), an executive fellow at Toshiba, a major electronics manufacturer who contributed to the development of lithium-ion batteries, researched with Professor John Goodenough, who was selected as the Nobel Prize in Chemistry. I am very glad that Dr. Goodenough, who has been involved in research, was awarded, ”congratulated the award.

In 1980, Mr. Mizushima discovered that lithium cobalt oxide can be used as a material for batteries as a researcher at Oxford University in England with Professor Goodenough.

Mr. Mizushima said in the comment, “There are many research results in the practical application of lithium-ion batteries, and it is possible to participate in some of them, contributing to the lives of people around the world. I ’m very honored to be one of them. ”