Call Akira Yoshino, Prime Minister Abe, and congratulate October 9 at 21:04

Prime Minister Abe called Akira Yoshino, an honorary fellow of Asahi Kasei, a major chemical manufacturer who was selected as the Nobel Prize in Chemistry on the night of the 9th. And I ’m proud as a Japanese. ”

Prime Minister Abe called Mr. Yoshino from the Prime Minister's official residence at 8:00 pm on the 9th, “Congratulations on winning the Nobel Prize. I thought I would be able to win the Nobel Prize, but I am proud as a Japanese. ”

On top of that, “There used to be times when mobile phones had large batteries, but they changed significantly with small and large lithium batteries. The development has opened up a new world. It also has a wonderful effect on the environment. ”

And Prime Minister Abe said, “I am glad that the award winners from Japan have been a really good message for the world. I look forward to it. ”