The Televizier prizes will be awarded for the 54th time on Wednesday evening. The prize of the Televizier-Ster for best presenter went to Beau van Erven Dorens.

The prize was presented by presenter Bram Krikke. Van Erven Dorens, currently featured in the Beau talk show , thanks RTL program director Peter van de Vorst for the opportunity he has received from him.

"I stand on the shoulders of people in my team who do the work for me. But I want to thank someone in particular: my wife Selly." Van Erven Dorens won the Golden Televizier ring last year for his Beau Five Days Inside program .

The prize for the Televizier-Ster for best actor / actress went to Elise Schaap. The prize was awarded by Willeke van Ammelrooij, who paid a tribute to the actor Rutger Hauer, who died earlier this year.

"I think it is such an honor to be in the same line as Chantal (Janzen, ed.) And Ilse (Warringa), and then again for this prize," says Schaap, who wins the prize for her role as the Romanian Ruxandra in the RTL comedy series De Familie Kruys , the fifth and final season of which is now being broadcast.

Presentation in the hands of Stax and Van de Westelaken

The evening is presented by Rik van de Westelaken and Dionne Stax. She replaced Jan Smit, who was nominated with Best Singers for the Golden Televizier Ring.

During the gala, the Golden Televizier Ring is awarded for the best program, the Televizier Star (twice) for best presenter and presenter and the Televizier Star (once) for best actor or best actress. In addition, the television personalities of the future have a chance of winning the Televizier-Ster Jeugd and the Televizier-Ster Talent.

The annual gala has been taking place since 1964 and is organized by AVROTROS (until 2013 by AVRO). The event originated from a collaboration between the public broadcaster and the television guide Televizier, the presentation of which at the time was primarily regarded as a marketing tool.

All those years, the public (until 1996 you had to be subscribed to Televizier) chose the winners in the various headings, and this also applies to this edition.