To beat the ruble against the “opposition”, which decided to achieve its goals by the most uncivilized of all possible methods of struggle — by bringing people to uncoordinated rallies — is the most correct of all possible solutions.

You need to hit the sore spot. And in Navalny and Co., such a place is just a wallet. That's why Alexey is now voting on all social networks, trying to find support among his supporters and once again stigmatizing both the "bloody regime" and his "minions" who encroached on the "holy."

But the recovery of damage caused by the Russian Federation by the illegal actions of the organizers of uncoordinated events is very fair. Moreover, in many countries, which the “opposition” loves to refer to when discussing democracy and freedom, it is the organizers of mass events who are obliged to pay for the services of the involved firefighters, security officials and doctors.

In Moscow, in order to ensure public safety, additional forces and resources of the Russian Guard were attracted to the places of unauthorized events; there were additional expenses for the remuneration of employees of the Russian Guard. The question is, why should all this be compensated out of the pocket of taxpayers, the vast majority of whom do not support such events?

Why is the almost manic desire of the same Sable to become a candidate for deputy, bypassing all the rules prescribed by law, for the sake of which she repeatedly led the crowd to the streets, should be a burden on the Russian budget, the distribution of which is closely monitored by the same FBK?

Why on earth did this whole company decide that it could do whatever it wanted, and at the same time go unpunished?

Remember how they like to invoke the Constitution? So there you go! Which of her articles says that some citizens can not only regularly spoil the weekend for others, but also do it at the expense of the city and federal budgets?

Yes, every citizen has the right to assembly. But these meetings must be agreed upon and held in full accordance with federal law on these same meetings.

When coordinating the event, the time and place of its holding are discussed, as well as the estimated number of its participants, from which it is determined the number of security officials and emergency workers necessary for its safe conduct (including the Ministry of Emergencies and emergency medical care).

When a huge crowd falls into the city center, which moves only along the route known to its coordinators, the level of social danger grows significantly.

And to prevent possible consequences, additional forces are allocated by the same law enforcement officers and doctors who are required to stay at the scene until the very end.

Therefore, the claims brought are not only legal, but also fair.

Moreover, with each new similar event their amount should increase. For only in this way can these habitual buffoons who imagined themselves revolutionaries be taught to abide by the law.

And yes! The fewer uncoordinated events take place, the fewer there will be detainees. And, as a result, the number of "political prisoners" on whom the "opposition" likes to speculate will not increase.

It is clear that especially violent type of Olya with the Constitution will continue to run into trouble. Alas, such fines cannot be pacified. But the difference between the three youths running around the city with placards and the uncontrollable crowd sweeping away everything in its path, you see, is enormous.

Moscow is firmly in the list of the safest cities in the world. The football World Cup proved that all services ensuring the safety of residents and visitors of the city work like clockwork. And least of all I would like for someone's unsatisfied personal ambitions to not only cause the malfunction of this system, but also to create a negative image of both the Russian capital and other cities.

See what the “activists" have turned the streets of Hong Kong.

The statistics on losses already caused to infrastructure and tourism revenue are impressive. The tourist attraction of the city is rapidly declining. But the protesters do not care. Because, entering a revolutionary rage, they least of all think about the consequences.

Fortunately, our situation is different. But impunity gives rise to permissiveness. Therefore, if you do not properly respond, suppress and punish, one day all this boisterous activity may end badly. First of all, for some of the "opposition" themselves. After all, the sacred sacrifice factor has not been canceled.

And if it is possible to prevent the irreparable at coordinated events, then anything can happen at spontaneous events.

Therefore, coercion to hold exclusively coordinated events is primarily in the interests of the protest leaders themselves. After all, they care about the safety of those who are taken out onto the street, right?

And also, according to their own statements, they are very kind to spending budget funds. Therefore, being honest and consistent people, they should have compensated for their misuse even before the first lawsuit was filed.

Otherwise, it somehow turns ugly. In words, they worry that the security officials did not seem to be paid for overtime (here I convey fiery greetings to Navalny’s new friend who launched this fake - the self-proclaimed police ombudsman Vorontsov), but in reality they refuse to compensate for the expenses that the security department incurred due to that someone wanted to prove something to someone.

Total almost 18 million rubles of damage to be repaired. If you recall what figures appear in the case of money laundering by the Navalny Fund, the amount is not too large. But its payment at least temporarily repels the desire to go against the law, which, I recall, is the same for everyone. And the violation of which does not affect Sobyanin, not Beglov, not Putin and others from a long list of those with whom these pseudo-oppositionists are fighting, but ordinary citizens. One part of which, for personal safety reasons, has to adjust its Sunday plans. And the other is to make every effort so that all these events do not end with a street orgy with mass fights and the collapse of everything that protesters get in their way.

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