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See live who gets the Nobel Prize in Physics


Who receives the Nobel Prize in Physics? From 11.45 clock this year's winners will be announced. Follow the announcement in the livestream.

Gravitational waves, laser pulses, blue light - for all this and more, researchers have received a Nobel Prize in Physics in recent years. Who will be awarded this year? At 11.45 am, it is to be decided who the Committee of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences considers worthy. In Stockholm, the jury will announce the decision and justify their verdict - you can follow the action above in the livestream.

Last year, the Nobel Prize for Physics went to the US scientist Arthur Ashkin and to the Frenchman Gérard Mourou and Donna Strickland from Canada. Ashkin used optical tweezers to hold and move small objects. Mourou and Strickland developed the laser technology CPA, which is used today for eye surgery against ametropia.

Read here in detail how the winners of 2018 have made possible nano tweezers and lasers that are so precise that they allow eyes to be operated on .

A German had last received the award in 2007. At that time, Peter Grünberg of Forschungszentrum Jülich of the Helmholtz Association received part of the prize for his contribution to the research into giant magnetoresistance, which is used for the reading process in computer hard disks.

The winners of the Nobel Prize for Medicine 2019

On Monday, the Nobel Prize of the Karolinska Institute has already announced the winners of the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine: William Kaelin and Gregg Semenza from the USA, and Briton Peter Ratcliffe. They were honored for their discoveries on the senses of cells and their adaptation to available oxygen.

The award winners will be able to receive the award on 10 December. It is customary for the honorees to receive a certificate and the golden medal with the likeness of the founder on the death anniversary of Alfred Nobel. In addition, they will receive a prize money of currently nine million Swedish kroner, the equivalent of around 830,000 euros.

Read here in detail, about the Nobel Laureate 2019, who have discovered a switch that ensures breathing. On Wednesday, the 9th of October, you will be able to watch the announcement of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry live from 11.45 am on ZEIT ONLINE. The complete coverage of the highest award of science can be found on this page.

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