Dissatisfaction with the Nissan survey Former Chairman Ghosn Lawyer "Unfairly Honoring" October 8, 19:53

Last month, Nissan ’s lawyer said that “there was no fraud, no honor,” said Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. "I am unjustly hurt."

Nissan announced at a press conference on the 9th of last month an outline of the results of an in-house investigation that the company suffered a total of 35 billion yen due to a series of frauds by former chairman Carlos Ghosn, etc., and requested damages The idea of ​​taking the necessary measures including was shown.

In response, Soichiro Hironaka, who is in charge of the defense of the former chairman, issued a statement to the press on the 8th, saying, “Nissan did not even try to interview the former president Ghosn. The survey is almost untrustworthy, and I have never done such fraud. "

On top of that, he criticized, "It makes the former chairman feel that he has a huge liability for damages and hurts his honor."

Hironaka said, “We asked Nissan to show a report instead of an overview of the internal investigation for the objection, but there is no answer to this day.”