Ikebukuro Hotel Women's Body Incident SNS also promises to meet a teenage girl on October 8 at 12:39


Tokyo University Ikebukuro was found in a hotel in Ikebukuro, where the university student who was arrested is believed to have recruited suicide applicants and interacted with women at SNS, but also promised to interact with teenage girls I was able to understand what I was doing through interviews with investigators. Experts have pointed out the need for countermeasures because it is the same composition as the Zama case where nine people who met at SNS were killed.

Last month, at a hotel in Ikebukuro, Tokyo, a 36-year-old woman was found dead in a compression bag. University student in Iruma City, Saitama Prefecture, suspect Mizuki Kitajima (22) suspected of murder Was arrested for.

According to the survey so far, Suspect Kitajima recruited suicide volunteers on Twitter, exchanged messages with women who responded to them, and met and killed for the first time on the day of the incident.

Twitter's message left on Kitajima's mobile phone was deleted, but when the Metropolitan Police Department proceeded with the analysis, before meeting the killed woman, he also said that he wanted to commit suicide etc. Interviews with investigators revealed that they had exchanged with a teenage girl and had promised to meet.

Kitajima suspected that he had prepared a string for use in the incident and went to the meeting place, but the girl's account was suspended and could not be met.

Experts pointed out the necessity of countermeasures, assuming that the composition is the same as the Zama case where nine people who met at SNS were killed one after another.