North Korean fishing boat `` Lifesaving top priority crew not able to hear '' Japan Coast Guard Oct. 7, 23:45

On the morning of the 7th, in the exclusive economic zone off Japan's Noto Peninsula in Ishikawa Prefecture, the Japan Fisheries Agency's Secretary Hidekazu Iwanami held a conference in the event of a collision between the Fisheries Agency's fisheries enforcement vessel and a North Korean fishing boat. About the situation `` At around 11:00 am when the JCG patrol boat arrived at the sea area, all the fishing boat crews were boarding the lifeboats of the fishing boat, and the patrol boat conducted a search and warning activity around the area. I explained.

“After that, another North Korean fishing boat approached the lifeboat and rescued the crew, so I couldn't listen directly to the crew.

Immediately after the on-site image

The 9th Regional Coast Guard Headquarters has released two new images immediately after the outbreak.

Both images were taken from a Coast Guard helicopter at around 10:00, about an hour after the outbreak.

One of them shows that the Fisheries Agency crew on a black lifeboat rescues the crew of a North Korean fishing boat thrown into the sea using ropes.

In the other image, more than 10 crew members of a North Korean ship can be seen on the life raft dropped by the Fisheries Agency's control vessel “Okuni”.