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Chiara Mastroianni, starring "Room 212": "I think the hotel rooms are romantic"


Chiara Mastroianni is showing the new film by Christophe Honoré, "Chambre 212". She returns to this feature film for which she won an interpretation prize at the Cannes Film Festival.

Chiara Mastroianni is showing the new film by Christophe Honoré, "Room 212". She returns to this feature film for which she won an interpretation prize at the Cannes Film Festival.


Chiara Mastroianni was Sunday at the micro Europe 1 Bernard Poirette to present the new film in which it is on view: "Room 212", his sixth with the director Christophe Honoré. The story of a couple in crisis, who lives in front of a hotel room. And the cast is five stars: Benjamin Biolay, Vincent Lacoste or Camille Cottin.

"The story starts from the discovery of the wife's adultery by the husband, but it is more the story of a couple a little tired after twenty years of life together: after an argument, the woman goes to the room a hotel in front of her to isolate herself and where she thought to do some kind of introspection, all his ideas will appear to him as characters of his past, "summarizes the actress.

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"I think the hotel rooms are romantic, a door of a room with a number that necessarily makes you want to open it.When I go to a hotel, I love when the director tells the scenes," says still Chiara Mastroianni, who plays the wife in the movie.

A jubilant character

For the sixth time, she trusts her friend, the director Christophe Honoré. But it is not out of affection that she accepts this film. "It's the worst service you can give a friend to accept to play in his film out of friendship, you have to accept because we believe in it, we like it." When the director contacted her, he had a completely different idea of ​​the film, much darker. But his experience in theater with Idols, on the beginning of AIDS, gives him the desire for lightness.

"He told me that he started writing something and his idea was to make a female character with all the clichés that are attributed to men: bad faith, lovers galore." A jubilant character for the actress. "It was a bit of a revenge on the two characters I did before, because usually with Christophe, either I fall into depression or I commit suicide," she jokes.

With this character of unfaithful woman, she obtains the prize of interpretation in Cannes "Un certain regard". The first of his long career. "I was very lucky and I was very happy to have this award, it is a film that is close to my heart and it feels good," says the actress.

A girl from the movies

In this feature film, the young woman reveals herself. She turns several nude scenes, in great confidence. "When you've already worked with someone, you know he's not going to do anything that will bother you so it takes away a lot of the anxiety." Scenes shared with actor Vincent Lacoste. "In addition to being a beautiful actor, he's a friendly, exceptional and very modest person, we did not have a hard time living these scenes, we were in the studio, there is something about the cocoon . " The actress adds even jokingly: "We had taken our little habits, we waited in the bed between two shots."

The daughter of two sacred filmmakers, Catherine Deneuve and Marcello Mastroianni, Chiara Mastroianni has made her way into the world, sometimes against the advice of her parents. "Parents worry about children no matter what they do, I was lucky enough to be surrounded by friends who supported me a lot, including Melvil Poupaud. school with him, he had started the cinema very small and he had told me 'It's absurd to prevent you from dreaming'. "

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