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«Sotheby's Dubai» .. rare paintings of contemporary and modern art


The Sotheby's auction, which opened yesterday at the Dubai International Financial Center, carries a rare collection of paintings, both in modern and contemporary art, as well as Indian, Orientalist and Islamic manuscripts, as well as precious and precious stones. These works are rare

The Sotheby's auction, which opened yesterday at the Dubai International Financial Center, carries a rare collection of paintings, both in modern and contemporary art, as well as Indian, Orientalist and Islamic manuscripts, as well as precious and precious stones. These rare works are among the important collections that will be presented at the upcoming auctions in Geneva and London this month. The visit represents a museum visit due to its artistic value.

The exhibition includes a number of distinctive paintings, including the work of the artist Mahmoud Said entitled «after the rain», which dates back to 1936, estimated price ranges between 366 thousand and 488 thousand dollars, in addition to the work of the artist Shaker Hassan Al Said, entitled «body and two birds» dating back to 1953 and its price Estimated between $ 85 and $ 110 thousand. The initial value of the painting by the artist Bahman Mahsas, which dates back to 1966, is estimated at between 147 thousand and 220 thousand dollars. The exhibition also presents a collection of oriental art paintings belonging to the Najd Group, which is one of the most expensive and most rare paintings. Among these paintings are the “Chess Players” by Ludwig Duttich, whose estimated value is between 500 and 740 thousand dollars. Rudolf Ernst's “The Guard” and Charles Welda's “The Egyptian Vendor”.

Indian art includes a large collection of paintings, jewelry and collections dating back to the 19th century, while Islamic manuscripts and Korans belonging to a collection of 94 manuscripts were exhibited. These manuscripts, including rare works from India, Persia, Turkey and the Arab world, draw more than a thousand years of beautiful manuscripts. The collection is entitled Chakrin: Calligraphy in the Qur'an and other manuscripts. The first mosque was designed by a woman, and inside the mosque are lined with modern paintings with verses from the Koran commissioned by contemporary calligraphers.

The head of modern and contemporary art at the auction Mai Al Deeb, to the UAE today, said about the exhibition: «We auction twice a year, in October and April, and offer part of the work in Dubai, including those belonging to contemporary and modern art from the Middle East, where the auction includes in this The session is a wonderful piece for Mahmoud Said entitled (After the Rain), which is the most expensive painting in the auction, and one of the most beautiful works of Said ». She added: "The painting contains many important elements in the work of Saeed, including the palm and blue sky and storm, and combines happiness and unhappiness, as if it blends the new birth after the rain, and the feeling of misery, it is one of the rare paintings that show transformations in the career of Mahmoud Said." She pointed out that she got the painting after discussions with the owner, has been able to obtain it after she traveled from London to Egypt specifically for her, noting that some paintings reach the house through the owners communicate with the house in order to sell the paintings, but there are paintings are displayed after research Great about her.

Al-Deeb noted that the exhibition includes a collection of paintings of artists of Armenian origin, but they lived and worked in the Middle East, including Paul Giragosian, Marcus Gigurian and others, «because the history of modern art from the Arab region can not be found in one book, and therefore put these paintings in A special section offers people a glimpse into this era, ”she said, adding that the second section focuses on Arab artists who lived in the Soviet Union, and Iraqi artist Afifa al-Libi is one of those artists.

Regarding Orientalist art in the exhibition, Al-Deeb pointed out that «Najd Group» includes the best paintings of Orientalist art, especially as it is the most rare, pointing out that the majority of Orientalist paintings were painted in Egypt, with some pieces in Turkey. Al-Deeb explained that the auction includes 40 pieces in oriental art and will be on the 22nd in London, while the auction of contemporary and modern art includes 82 pieces.

Regarding auctions in different countries, Al Deeb said that after an in-depth study of the art, jewelery and watches market, the auction house in Dubai, while the auction of paintings in London and jewelery in Geneva.

Rare Jewelry

Sotheby's head of jewelery, Daniel Machetti, told Emirates Today that the jewelery collection at the fair is composed of rare pieces to be auctioned in Geneva on November 11 and 13, combining precious gemstones and jewelery that are specially designed where women can To wear and enjoy. ” She pointed out that the most expensive piece in the auction is a ring that carries a blue diamond, where the price of 3.7 million dollars, due to the scarcity of stone, pointing to the existence of a brooch designed in 1920, was designed by the most famous jewelry designers at the time, and is one of the rare pieces also . She pointed out that there are a number of pieces that have a distinctive history for the designers who presented them, including pieces that overlap the colors of stones, as well as the piece bearing a geometric design, while there are jewelry placed on the forehead, which is one of the forms influenced by Egyptian and Japanese art as well as Indian. As for the laws governing the price of these pieces, Mashiti pointed out that these pieces are not priced according to carats, but are looking at the date and the date of the designer of the piece, and then put the estimated price. She noted that the piece that is designed to be worn and dated back to the post-1960 period is one of the items sold directly in the auction, because it is very needed and rare, especially since those who buy these pieces do not buy them for investment only, the pieces bought by the owners for investment is composed of One stone is very rare and precious.

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