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Because Madrid is not just the Puerta del Sol and its surrounding neighborhoods. Its history is also rich in the surrounding towns of the great cosmo. In fact, Madrid would not be Madrid without the Sierra de Guadarrama and without the rivers that bathe it: the Lozoya, Manzanares, Henares, Jarama, Tajuña ... that create a contrast between valleys and mountains . The landscape presents all its forms here: from the high mountain ranges to the plain.

And in the middle of that nature the 11 villas of Madrid are erected with their fairy castles, their reservoirs and cobbled streets. With summer about to say goodbye, it is still possible to have an appointment with the fresh air and heritage that hides in these points where the past and history survive . And also, do it to the rhythm of music and for free until the capacity is completed.

The castle of Manzanares el Real.

To boost tourism to these places comes the A Villa Voz cycle , which will allow to know each of the locations with a plus: concerts in unique spaces. Every weekend until November 3 the A Villa Voz cycle will have an appointment with each of the 11 villas of the Community of Madrid. That is, Manzanares el Real, Torrelaguna, Patones de Arriba , Rascafría, Buitrago de Lozoya, Nuevo Baztán, Colmenar de Oreja, Villarejo de Salvanés, Navalcarnero, Chinchón and San Martín de Valdeiglesias. Each town will have its own experiences and routes that show its history, combining music, heritage, gastronomy and tourism in a single trip. Each weekend will be one of the protagonists.

Objective: boost tourism

The Manzanares El Real story castle (the best preserved in the community); the Chinchón theater and its square, where Orson Welles, Rita Hayworth , John Wayne or Cantinflas have filmed; the wild nature of Buitrago de Lozoya; or the slate houses of Patones , the town that not even Napoleon could find, are just some scenarios that will charge a special rhythm. Because its most emblematic places will witness choral concerts.

Navalcarnero downtown street.

The cycle will offer concerts of classical music in strategic points of each locality. Churches, monasteries or castles will serve as a stage to enjoy the musical program prepared by the Choir of the Community of Madrid. And given that one of the most typical things in our culture is tapas, "a selection of musical tapas" has been taken as the basis for this cycle of pieces of the most traditional Spanish and traditional zarzuela repertoire but also of more compositions avant-garde of contemporary Spanish music.

That is, the choirs of Doña Francisquita will resonate , but also the music of María de Alvear . Two musical approaches that in between will have an intermediate enlivened by the sound art of Alberto García Aznar (Spanish Electroacoustic Music Association).

View of the beautiful town of Patones de Arriba.

This innovative cultural initiative is promoted by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and managed by the ORCAM Foundation (Orchestra and Choir Foundation of the Community of Madrid) with the collaboration of the municipalities of the 11 villages with one objective: to offer a cross-cultural cultural experience , which will allow you to discover or rediscover treasures of the musical , monumental, gastronomic and tourist heritage of the region. Because with music as a base, this cycle allows visitors to be drawn to such unique and potential municipalities rich in history. The entire agenda is available on the Madrid Tourism website.

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