Two years and one day ago, the King had to go on television to stand up to the coup-makers of 1-O, claim the constitutional order, assure our Catalan compatriots that they would not be left alone before their mutant neighbors and, obviously, to cover the gigantic hole that the political parties , in the Government or the opposition, had left to the coup plotters. The national reaction was overwhelming, massive, unexpected, exciting. Never a solo appointment of a man and an institution before his destiny was so accompanied. Spain was filled with flags on the balconies and a few days later Barcelona attended a demonstration, unprecedented for the gigantic, of more than one million people flying national flags, expressly supporting the head of state and proof that the Nation saluted in the parliamentary monarchy the representation that the parties shunned.

Of course, the enemies of Spain, separatists and communists, criticized that the King complied with a moral obligation that no law prohibits and that the situation of the State under siege, harassment and abandonment, made it necessary. Alfonso Guerra said then that if the PSOE did not understand the historical fact that the most humble neighborhoods of Seville were filled with national flags, it would lose its raison d'être. Alarmed by the polls, Sanchez , placed in Moncloa by the coup plotters thanks to Rajoy's slice, is about to discover Guerra and put on the blue shirt of "Now Spain", a rightist group who, of course, has plagiarized the name .

Instead, Pablo Iglesias , head of the Galapagar CDR, denies that having laboratories, manufacturing explosives and testing them in a quarry is terrorism, speaks on behalf of the victims of ETA (EL MUNDO published that he was Herrira's contact) and adds, that, if the Justice condemns them, is that "it is made for the robagallinas". It will serve the trincacasoplones .

Nothing is decided. And if there has been a trial of a part of the coup (the greater part remains), it is because, two years ago yesterday, the King went on television, the nation took to the streets and the State started up. I don't know if Marchena will honor that example. I doubt it. But I know that many millions of Spaniards, especially young people, saw that day for what and how a King serves Spain. It remains to be seen if Spain is able to serve itself.

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