A special message on «Year of Tolerance», carried out by the student in London, Maitha Al Muhairi, along with a group of students, to present a civilized image of the UAE and the concept of tolerance, to the Western world, by explaining the customs and traditions of the UAE, and participate in a special event on the concept of tolerance.

Al-Muhairi, along with Deputy Head of State Mission to London, Rawdat Al-Otaiba, organized a special visit for scholarships to the ship, which symbolizes tolerance and is stopped at the River Thames in London. For the UAE, to present this concept in a color language anchored on the water and address everyone who sees it through art.

Al Muhairi said in a telephone interview with Emirates Today: “A special event on the concept of tolerance was organized in London, a boat built in a city. After being built, the artists automatically and Emilia Kubakov supervise the drawings presented by 160 students. "They participate in expressing the concept of tolerance by drawing on fabrics, then the fabrics are hung on the sail and left in the water for people to see." Al Muhairi pointed out that the boat of tolerance toured many countries. They painted the slogan of tolerance. Al Muhairi added: “We liked to visit this program to support the concept of tolerance, as well as to meet the children who painted the paintings that were hung on the boat, and to introduce them to the concept of the year of tolerance in the UAE, especially as they do not know about it, as we have given our values, culture and customs to them. He serves as an ambassador to his country. ” She pointed out that they were hosted by the festival director and responsible for the event, for an hour, to present the culture of the UAE and explain the year of tolerance, explaining that during that hour they drew the slogan of tolerance, which was the focus of attention of all.

Al Muhairi said that they are working in coordination with the embassy and the competent authorities in the UAE to bring the event to the UAE and present the boat, which has visited more than 10 countries, so that it will coordinate with schools to make students draw their concept of tolerance, noting that they will focus mainly on attracting people of determination. She explained that this boat is a private project, with intellectual property rights, so it can not be held in any country without coordination with the two artists, explaining that the preparation of the boat requires approximately four weeks to be fully built. She stressed that the aesthetic of the project lies in the fact that it is built in particular in each country, where the wood is assembled and built in front of the public, where they witness its development and all stages of its completion, until they sail the art of works, through which children automatically express tolerance, as the drawings That was on the boat of London carried hearts and flags of nations, and other simple and sincere details. As for the ages of children eligible to participate in the project, she confirmed that it ranges between eight and 12 years, and it is possible to attract those who are older.

Regarding the project, Al-Muhairi stressed that they are working seriously, in coordination with the Ministry of Culture, and are still waiting to know the total cost of this project and those who can finance it, stressing that the coming to the UAE may be by next December, if all the regulatory procedures and agreements and funding on As required.

As for her actual role in this project, Al-Muhairi said that she finally gave birth to her daughter. She is currently living in London with her husband-in-law, and because she cares about her child today, she has decided to take these initiatives, which she feels is giving back to society.

Ship tolerance

The tolerance ship is located on the River Thames in London and will remain there until October 7. The ship was first launched in Egypt in 2005 with the aim of encouraging children and adolescents to engage in discussions on the concept of tolerance. The project then moved to New York, then Venice and then Miami, as it already landed in Sharjah and Rome. The main goal of the ship is to teach young people and children - from around the world - the concept of tolerance through art.


Countries visited by the boat,

It is held in the UAE

Next December.