UAE astronaut Hazza Al Mansouri arrived at Karganda airport after completing his medical tests this evening, and then held his first press conference after returning from his flight from space to Earth.

During the conference, Hazza al-Mansouri and other astronauts were nominated in traditional Kazakh clothing in a Russian tradition adopted after space missions.

Al Mansouri started by saying that he is very proud to represent his country UAE and the Arab world as a whole, noting that he has gained a lot of knowledge during this experience, and he is eager to return to his country and share this knowledge gained through this trip.

Asked how he felt seeing the ground upon reaching the landing point, Mansouri said: "In fact, I felt something I could not express or describe it completely, it was something breathtaking. The landing was smooth and things went as we trained."

Al-Mansouri explained that the mission added a lot to him and that the mere arrival of the station and speaking Arabic from there is a pride.

On his future plans, Mansouri said: "Once I arrived on the ground I thought that I will return to space again to be part of the international team there."