Suspicious increase in suspicious access from overseas Be wary of Tokyo Olympics 2 October 10:23


It turns out that suspicious access from overseas via the Internet is rapidly increasing in Japan. The National Police Agency is strengthening vigilance as the risk of cyber attacks is increasing ahead of next year's Olympics.

The “Cyber ​​Force Center” of the National Police Agency monitors the Internet for suspicious access to companies and government offices.

However, the number of suspicious accesses confirmed during the six months to June was an average of 3530 per day, an increase of more than 1.5 times compared to the same period of the previous year, and the highest since 2014.

Above all, suspicious access to a service called “Remote Desktop” that can be operated by connecting to a computer at work from home or away is increasing.

This service is widely adopted by companies that have introduced “telework” that allows them to work at home as part of work style reform, and there is a suspicion that someone is trying to steal information.

The National Police Agency is strengthening alerts that companies related to important infrastructure may be subject to cyber attacks before the next Olympics.

Expert "additional measures such as fingerprint authentication"

A major security company, Trend Micro's Katsuyuki Okamoto said, “Cyber ​​criminals are always looking for where they want the information they want, but various services have been introduced to make it easier for companies to access information from outside. In order to prevent the information from being stolen, it is important to introduce not only an account and password but also additional measures such as fingerprint authentication when using it.