Three-year-old girl killed parents “I was trying hard to live with debt” Chiba Tateyama Oct. 2:04:38

One day, parents arrested for squeezing and killing a three-year-old daughter in a house in Tateyama City, Chiba Prefecture, said, “The debts made life difficult, and she tried to kill her daughter. However, they were able to tell them that they were unable to die.

One day, in a house in Tateyama, Chiba, it was found that Yui Hayama (3) in Kimitsu City was killed, and his father and guard Kazuhiro Hayama (51) and his mother Yufuko (40) was arrested on suspicion of squeezing and killing Yui-chan.

The house at the site is the home of the suspect Kazuhiro, who is usually a vacant house. I was reporting to.

Both responded to the police's investigation, and they both suspected, “I thought it would be difficult to live with debts and I would die in my family. "I couldn't do it."

The police are investigating the details leading up to the incident.

"I have completely lost my appearance."

A 60-year-old man who lives near the home of Kazuhiro Kazuhiro said, “Kazuhiro Kazuhiro was living with his mother and wife, and a teenage daughter until about 10 years ago, but everyone left the house after the mother died. In the last five years, I have completely lost sight. "

“I don't continue to work and change my workplace”

A 76-year-old woman who lives near the home of the suspect Kazuhiro said, “I was married, got along well with my wife, and always walked dogs together. After I died and went out of my parents' home, I haven't seen anything for the last few years, and I didn't know the existence of a young daughter.