Arab Idol, the star of Arab Idol, died at dawn today at the age of 26 after a fatal fall from an electric pole in front of his house in Al-Remal neighborhood in Al-Wadi.

According to family sources, the victim returned at dawn to his house in the car of his colleague, who delivered him and then left. Place. His father was found dead when he opened the door to the mosque for dawn prayers. Space.

There were conflicting statements about the secret of his death, where some confirmed that he died in a traffic accident, while witnesses confirmed that his body was thrown in front of his house and found by his father at dawn today without knowing the cause of death.

Zghadi's recent appearance yesterday was with Algerian talent Aida Oumlou to celebrate her qualification for the live show of season 5 of The Voice.

It is noteworthy that Zoghdi attracted the attention of everyone in the second season of the program of Arab Idol. Look, the artist Nawal Al Zoghbi called him a singer who has a star look.