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Maldita.es ("Journalism so you don't get it") and Alfonso Armada , president of Reporters Without Borders , join the staff of teachers of the Master's World / CEU San Pablo (Edition, Production and New Journalistic Technologies) . The Maldita.es team, led by journalists Clara Jiménez and Julio Montes , are the pioneers in Spain in information verification. And Armada is one of the best references in Spanish journalism both in the field of journalism and in its cultural specialty: writer, editor and theatrical author.

The inauguration of the XIX edition of the Master in Edition, Production and New Journalistic Technologies will be on October 24 at the headquarters of the Editorial Unit and will be provided by Javier Espinosa . The EL MUNDO reporter and correspondent in Asia will give a talk about war reporterism and his experiences in recent years.

The Official Master of El Mundo / CEU San Pablo still has its registration open and has a scholarship bag. The Master's program is divided into two important phases: the academic-professional one, which has a duration of six months, and the internship program that takes place in EL MUNDO and other associated media, all of them paid.

Antonio Rubio , director of the Master, underlines the importance of a postgraduate degree in the training of graduates to develop in the journalistic world: "We teach the trade because we turn the classroom into a real writing and we train journalists who are able to work for all media ". And he emphasizes that "the Master's Final Projects of the students have an eminently journalistic approach and after their defense they are published as reports in the newspaper EL MUNDO".

The Master is an official degree, with 60 ECTS credits and is aimed at graduates or graduates in any field who wants to learn the trade of journalist and integrate into the world of communication. The postgraduate course is face-to-face and takes place in the classrooms of the School of Editorial Unit and in those of the CEU-San Pablo University, from Monday to Thursday in morning and afternoon sessions. On Fridays students work on radio and television media in the University studies.

Verification of information, added value

The incorporation of Maldita.es will give added value to the Master and students will learn and know the technological tools necessary to verify the information that reaches both the networks and the newsrooms. Clara Jiménez and Julio Montes have demonstrated their expertise to disassemble hoaxes and various manipulations.

Alfonso Armada, a specialist in culture and narrative journalism, was director of the ABC newspaper master's degree and the cultural supplement of that medium and is editor of FronteraD.com

And Javier Espinosa, who has been a correspondent in high-risk places such as Libya, Egypt, Lebanon, Afghanistan, Iraq, Algeria and Syria and currently covers the Asian continent, will give the inaugural lecture of the 19th edition of the Master. Espinosa has won the King of Spain, Ortega y Gasset, International Press Circle , among others, and is co-author with Mónica García Prieto from Syria, the country of broken souls and The Seed of Hate: From the revolution to the caliphate of ISIS 2017

Together with Javier Espinosa will be the dean of the Faculty of Humanities and Communication of the CEU / San Pablo University, María Solano , and Francisco Rosell , director of EL MUNDO.

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