Yoshiko attend high school sign language performance national convention Tottori September 29 18:29

Mr. and Mrs. Akiko Shinomiya's second daughter, Yoshiko, attended a national sign language performance tournament held by high school students in Tottori City on the 29th, and the students watched dances and plays performed with sign language.

Yoshiko attended a national convention in Tottori City on December 29, where high school students performed dances and plays with sign language.

At the opening ceremony, while using sign language, Yoshiko said, “I hope that the results of the accumulated efforts will be fully demonstrated. People with hearing impairments and understanding of sign language, which is an important language, will be further enhanced. I would like it to become a deepening tournament, "he said.

At the tournament, the local Tottori school gave a performance depicting the charms and challenges of Tottori Prefecture in the tourist area and actively placed a sign language guide in the tourist area to the governor of Tottori Prefecture. There were scenes where people wanted to do it directly in sign language, and applause was sent from the venue.

Yoshiko was eagerly watching the students perform their passionate performances to produce the results they practiced on a daily basis.