Students from higher education institutions in the UAE are waiting for the opportunity to make the most of Expo 2020 Dubai, thanks to a series of inspiring and educational tours that will enable them to acquire new knowledge and skills, and establish links and relationships that help them in their working life.

The Expo University Visit Program will invite 140,000 full-time university students enrolled in higher education institutions in the country to take advantage of tailored tours for the six months that Expo 2020 will take, which will enable them to connect with peers, thought leaders and experts. From different sectors.

The initiative was launched at the University Leaders Forum, held in the Expo 2020 Opportunity Zone, in the presence of Expo officials and more than 80 senior officials from UAE public and private universities and regulatory bodies, including the Dubai Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA). , And the Department of Education and Knowledge in Abu Dhabi. The forum provided an opportunity to launch a series of discussions aimed at aligning the content of Expo programs with the educational goals of university institutions, raising awareness and arousing enthusiasm among students and faculty about Expo 2020 and its contents.

Manal Al Bayat, Chief Executive Officer, Community Interaction, said: “Throughout history, the World Expo has unveiled the latest inventions and technology, and the most significant urban landmarks that have inspired millions of people. The Expo University Visit Program will ensure that talented and ambitious UAE youth can take full advantage of this extraordinary learning experience, which is difficult to replicate.With more than 190 countries in one location, each offering the best of its own, educational tours will help arouse the curiosity of young people. Motivating new ideas, encouraging new bonds, and inspiring our youth to become leaders and makers of change for the future. ”

The program includes seven rounds, covering a number of disciplines: innovation and technology, urban planning and cities of the future, global studies, science and sustainability, planning and operation of mega events, design, architecture and engineering, business and entrepreneurship, areas that reflect the wide range of experiences it offers. Expo ». The educational tours will include an opportunity to explore some of the highlights of the Expo site, participate in hands-on workshops, connect with peers from around the world, and learn from experts from various sectors contributing to this huge event.

Professor Nihal Chaprak, Director of the UAE University Pavilion at Expo 2020, the first academic institution to announce its participation, said: “The University Expo program represents a unique opportunity to connect minds by giving thousands of students a tremendous experience over the six months that will be held during the event. “At the University Leadership Forum, we had the opportunity to focus on how to combine the results of this program with the curriculum and how to make this program more attractive to students.”

Dr. Nabil Shanaf, Dean of the Faculty of Architecture, Art and Design at the American University in Dubai, said: “The University Leadership Forum at Expo 2020 was an opportunity for the AUB delegation to see history made before our eyes. I think the huge number of buildings being built, and the unveiling of the world's most innovative and daring technologies, such as the stunning Al Wasl Square, will bring the world together, just as Dubai does. "My first impression upon going back to college was to encourage every student to be part of the event, because these 173 days will be a milestone in our lives forever."

University visits will offer students the opportunity to learn about some of the finest architectural landmarks, participate in practical workshops, connect with peers from around the world, and learn from thought leaders and experts in various sectors at the largest event in the region's history.

7 tours covering: Innovation and Technology, Urban Planning and Future Cities, Global Studies, Science and Sustainability, Planning and Running Mega Events, Design and Architecture Engineering, Business and Entrepreneurship.