Paul Verhoeven believes that he should not have finished the Flesh & Blood movie with Rutger Hauer in the lead. The director tells in conversation with the Volkskrant that afterwards he thinks he should have fired the actor.

Verhoeven made the Flesh & Blood film in 1985 in which Rutger Hauer played a leading role. However, the actor who died in July was not satisfied with the film and described Verhoeven's work in the press as "fucking, drinking beer and fucking".

"He was really against the film. Actually, I think now ... that I should have said: Rutger, you shouldn't do that film. I should have released him from his signature under the contract, I think, in retrospect", said the director. "I wasn't so broad-minded then."

Verhoeven now also understands better why Hauer, with whom he also made the series Floris and the films Soldaat van Oranje and Turks Fruit , regretted his role in the film. "The way I look at it now: Rutger was already on his way to becoming an American hero and that film did not help him in his career because he was far too rude for Americans."

Verhoeven underwent major surgery in January

Verhoeven also says that he was operated on his hip in January and a few days later he had to go under with a knife again urgently. The director felt sick and did not trust it. "The surgeon made a scan and said:" There is a hole in your colon and we have to start operating immediately. "I probably had too heavy pain killers, which caused a closure of my colon."

The director realizes that he has crawled through the eye of the needle. "" What would have happened if I had returned to the hospital half a day later? "I asked the surgeon. She said, "Then you would have been dead."

Verhoeven's recovery lasted for months and is still not completely over. He has to go under the knife again in a few weeks to have a stoma removed.